Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yes Day Recap!

We proclaimed Saturday as our designated, Yes Day! for the summer. Click here to read why we chose to give the day to the kids.

The kids knew it was Saturday and they were ready for it. Never ever once this summer have they woken on their own before 8, but this morning they were up with the birds and ready for their breakfast in bed.

Next Max had the great idea of making a giant train track on our dining room table. Yes, Max you can!

Megan has been asking for weeks to rearrange her room. She took advantage of Yes Day to make this a reality.

Lucy has been on a hermit crab frenzy and really wants to get on as a pet. She chose today to go to Petco, with notebook on hand, to research the cost and care of hermit crabs. Only Lucy would think to put so much research into a purchase like this. I think we all were a little surprised to learn the cost of them with the cage, sand, heating lamp, food etc...It didn't deter her though from wanting one.

Next up was Barnes and Noble so the kids could pick out their free books. The day was flying by and everyone was ready for some R&R. We headed home, Max and I took naps, the girls played Hogwarts down the basement, and Daddy found the couch.

The kids were fresh off the momentum from VBS this week and were all about heading to church at 5. I think what they were most looking forward to was something the parents did plan for Yes Day....a drive in movie theater!

After a quick stop at Quick Trip for a corn dog supper (!!!) I know, not my usual purchase, but I had free coupons for these and thought the kids would enjoy them. We packed up in the car, headed to the Newton Valle Drive.

We got there early (which I guess is the norm for drive ins. Evidently people like to tailgate before). We had a volleyball and football to toss around and popcorn and juice boxes to munch on. Then it was dark and time for the new Disney movie that just came out, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which they loved because of the similar Harry Potter magic. Made it home at 10:45 PM, kids already asleep and a Dave and I immediately to follow. It was a memorable day!

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