Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Twist on the 2010 New Food Challenge

For the past two months we have added a twist to our "try new foods" challenge to try to keep it fresh, interesting and educational. Since, Megan and Lucy have take an interest in other countries, time periods and researching we thought it would be fun for each of us to choose a time or a place and plan on dinner menu around that. This would also be perfect opportunity to rejuvenate our Family Fun Night which we had kind of gotten away from.

Lucy was up first and picked "pioneer times." She already knew quite a bit about this because of her American Girl books, but she still scoured all of her Kristin books to come up with her menu plan; Tilapia, potatoes and apples. She explained that these were things that pioneers could grow or fish for on their own.

What Lucy was most excited about was her dessert choice of Johnny Cakes. After school she and I made these little flour cakes and timed it so they came out of the oven perfectly warm just in time for dessert. She served everyone a cake sliced into four bite sized samples. This was so they could try each with a different topping of honey, molasses, maple syrup and powdered sugar. It became a taste test to see which topping was a favorite. Honey ended up in first place with molasses a dead last.

Lucy had planned our evening activity with a rousing game of "Button Button who has the button?," which turned out to be rather humorous as Max unable to contain his excitement over this game. The "guesser" barely had time to open their eyes before Max announced who was hiding the button in their hands.

Next up is Megan's Colonial Time period and how we realize Harry Potter is not from that era.

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