Sunday, August 15, 2010

Harry Potter Series is Finito!

Whew...It has been 15 months in the making, but we did it! The Weis family has completed all 7 Harry Potter books. Megan and Lucy have heard every word of the books, re read every paragraph on their own, re-listened to every book on CD in the car and re enacted pretty much every scene through their creative play and money making ideas.

It had become an Obsession with a major capital "O" with my daughters. Nothing got them to brush teeth and hop into bed faster then promising to read. Harry Potter was the first thing mentioned when they got up and the protests of "just one more chapter" were on their lips before bed.

I have to apologize to every grandparent that patiently sat through book synopsis, playdates that endured my daughter's one track magic minds and especially to Max. I don't know many 3 year olds that could name the majority of the characters and rattle off a dozen spells.

We should have been learning the names of construction equipment, Thomas the Train characters, or types of tools. (I promise, Max, your mommy will learn the different between a backhoe and a skid loader next now that Horcruxes and Patronuses out of my mind).

Whats next? I do admit I feel remorse and sadness about letting this go. It was something that united our family; a common goal. I do wait expectantly for what will capture their attention next, but I would say this Hogwarts Express has not finished with us yet. There are Harry Potter Halloween costumes to figure out and a Wizarding World to visit!


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Tiffany Faming said...

Hi Sara,
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