Friday, February 19, 2010

No, I am not a Bear...

and need to stop acting like one. I have been a bear to the kids and myself. Growly at them, but acting like I need to forage food for the long winter with myself. I cannot stop eating and it is the comfort stuff I am reaching out for.

I have not managed stress well lately and I blame a lot of factors. It is snowing again in Iowa. Evidently we are on our way to setting some global record. It is also birthday month at our house with Lucy and Megan having friend parties, family parties, school treats...Every year when February is over, I breathe a sigh of relief and vow "never again." They do need full blown blowouts.

Then 350 days later, I suffer from amnesia and want to give them memorable childhood birthdays. So as I plan their festivities (and I really enjoy doing that), I nosh on graham crackers and frosting and sugary cereal. Evidently I need to feel like a kid again.

I am recognizing the imbalance this month has been. Hibernation is over and I am getting back out there!

Read more here about balance...

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Food Challenge Continues

My kids are really starting to embrace new foods as part of our 2010 resolution. No, they aren't at the point where they are begging, "Mommy, mommy please tell me what we are eating tomorrow, I just can't wait." But, they aren't giving me and the unfamiliar food looks of horror anymore either.

Case in point, a week ago we were at some friend's house for supper (always a great opportunity to try new things!). Kate had made some delicious fresh guacamole. Yum! I called the girls over, they both swiped their chips in it (yes, chips with something always does seem to help). Lucy immediately declared it a "smiley face", Megan was "frown face," but she wasn't off gagging in the corner. She gave it a few more tries (as per the rule of try it 3 times) and she was off and playing.

Some of our hits and misses:

*Couscous (DEFINITE hit from the whole family. You are missing out, if you haven't tried this yet. Lighter/better flavor then rice. Yum!)

*Pistachios (Hit!)

*Pinto Beans (Miss from Lucy and Max. Megan "hit" although I think she was just trying to be different because she turned out to be the slowest pinto bean eater in the world.

(Hit! Especially in smoothies)

(Hit! Is is summer yet so we can indulge in fresh berries?)

(Miss, Miss, Miss: I am going to keep on this one though, because I discovered a new love for them as I had never had them before either)

*Dark Chocolate (Grand Slam and it rejuevented a whole new zeal in trying new foods once I told them it really was healthy.)