Saturday, January 30, 2010

Balancing the Beam of Life

Balance. That word can bring to mind a gauntlet of definitions and interpretations. While my fellow bloggy cohorts, Jen and Joe, have done well with finding a balance with healthful foods, I am going to strike out on a different tangent.

Balance is something I am continually trying to find. As many of you can relate, it is a challenge with a house, husband, kids, work and trying to manage it all. I love my family having varied interests, but sometimes I feel like we are going too many different directions with practices, playdates, lessons, clubs, work, school---and that is not even mentioning the weekly drudge of errands and chores.

Don’t get me wrong. We love being busy. I love the opportunities that my children have to get to try so many different things. They are lucky to be able to do that and I am appreciative.

Our family solution is that when the kids are involved in something, my husband and I are involved too. I don’t just mean showing up on time to pick them up from piano lessons or bringing cupcakes after a basketball game. We are truly involved. It could be coaching, volunteering in their classrooms, or learning how to play the piano with them. It doesn’t need to be a lengthy commitment, but at least we are spending time with our kids and maximizing our time. Plus kids have all the fun, why not have it with them?!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

No....they aren't starving!

I got a phone call from mom this week and after discussing this, that and everything in between, came the concerned and wondering question of if my children were... hungry. My mom is pretty quick and knows how my children don't embrace different foods too readily. I reassured her that it wasn't just new foods I was giving them, but all the usuals too. Pretty much every meal we eat as a family includes all of the food groups. I am pretty big on that, but am also big on the fact that I am tired of the basic carrot sticks, apples and bananas. Bottom line: these kids need to expand their palettes. Here are a few more foods this month that we have tried;

Rice Milk (huge frowns from the girls, Max guzzled it like a pro)
honeydew melon
Garbanzo beans
Monterrey Jack Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Hot Chili Powder
Summer Squash
Sun Dried Tomatoes

As I was doing my menu planning for the week, Megan suggested sardines. Maybe she is coming around...

In case you are wondering; Sardines did not make it onto the grocery list. Never. Ever.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

7 Days + 7 New Foods=

7 frown faces

(from my picky seven year old) ;-)

I think that Megan may be getting a bit self conscious about our calendar where we are tracking the new foods we try. She was trying to change her frown face marking to one that resembled something in between the frown and straight face. The end result was quite the unique looking face!

Lucy and Max on the other hand have loved the variety and have digging right into the "different" foods without so much of a thought.
Lucy enjoying her crab legs at dinner

The biggest positive I have seen so far is that my younger two children have been readily trying the new foods. A week ago, the "different" food would have sat on their plate untouched. So now if we could only get big sister to have such gusto...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year=New Foods!

Hello 2010, Good-bye Food Rut!

Provisions have been purchased and the pantry and fridge are stocked. The 2010 New Year=New Food challenge is underway for the Weis Family! Every day we will try a new food that has already been recorded on our 2010 calendar. There is room for each child to "vote" or give their opinions on each new food selection via a smiley face, straight face or frown face.

For further information on why we are doing this and our few guidelines, please read here.

To kick off our first week of January here is a list of the new foods we are trying!

Swiss Cheese
Green Pepper
Sunflower seeds

As I make out this list, I realize that this will be a little more difficult then I originally thought. While I already try to menu plan, this will really force me to think ahead for my once a week grocery shopping trip (which is one of my personal goals).

I do think this will be lots of fun and force us to be more adventurous with our food choices. It will definitely be a learning experience!