Friday, March 26, 2010

Tip for a Food Rut: Leave the House!

We have been doing pretty well with our 2010 new food challenge. Our meal times have been a lot more pleasant and I haven't missed the, "what is this? or "how many bites?" questions. Instead the girls are complimenting their cooks more often and the unfamiliar foods aren't sitting on their plates resembling a lone island long after the meal has commenced.

Over spring break, I decided it would be fun to try something new; go out to eat as a family. That may sound silly to some of you, but we very rarely go out to eat with just our family. Not even McDonalds. Its just something we don't do.

I can see it happening more often as the kids get older, but for 8 years we have had someone in a booster chair and when you have someone in a booster chair that pretty much equals you will be entertaining that child while waiting for the food and during the meal (as they will be done so much sooner then everyone else. It will also certainly involve one parent leaving the table early with the youngster so the other one can pay and finish up the other children.

How do you then treat a family out for dinner that doesn't involve tokens, plastic silverware and blinking lights? Solution: Teppanyaki-style dining! Aka: they cook the food right in front of you. Ohana Steakhouse! Stay tuned for our adventure!