Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Cell Phone Intrusion

My husband knew it was coming. He predicted ten years ago that cell phones would be able connect you to all aspects of the world. Internet, navigation, shopping, e-mail and the bazillion apps that are out there allow you to be connected at all times everywhere. I am sure my children will someday find great humor in the thought of a cell phone not being able to get online. The absurd thought! I already think back to my college roommate with her plug in car phone being the most amazing thing!

When I first got my “connect me to the world” phone, I was ecstatic! The time had come that I absolutely did need it for business. Previously when I would be out an about on meeting and appointments, I would have to stop at the library to check my e-mail or use the Internet to verify a few things.

I did make myself a promise with the purchase of my new phone. I would not be a parent at the park with their kids and checking face book the whole time. Yes, I'm not perfect and I might check it quickly for messages, but this is my children's life happening right in front of me. If I am going to be with the kids, then I am going to be with the kids.

Yes, I may still pull out my phone…but its often to take a picture. ;-)


mikeandsarah said...

Hi Sara!
This is Sarah Pentek!! I found your blog and have been following along and love it. In response to your post, don't forget about the people who talk on their cell phones while at the gym!!! They drive me nuts... I saw a guy hop on a treadmill and didn't even do anything because he was on his phone the whole time. Crazy! Happy summer!!

Sara said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the comment! I love your blog too. You guys are such an adorable couple! Totally agree about cell phones at the gym too. ugh!
Enjoy your summer...there is still plenty left. ;-)