Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Fitness

Over the 4th of July weekend my daughter, Megan, and I ran our first 5k together. This is not an easy endeavor for most adults let alone an 8 year old girl. One of her summer goals was to "run a race with Mommy" and our trip back to see Grandma and Papa for the holiday provided the perfect opportunity. They live in a small town, but this town goes all out for the 4th festivities including an annual fun run.

Megan did great and finished in 31 minutes including blazing past Mommy at the end to beat her. ;-) She wants to do another race and I am all for it.

I try being efficient and purposeful with my time. Now that my kids are getting older, we have been doing a lot more combining of family and fitness.

We do the usual hiking, biking and soccer, but its also fun to incorporate some different fun ideas like letterboxing, Chalk the Corners and our Weis Family Olympics (where we each picked a different game like Capture the Flag or Jump the River. We then packed the necessary supplies and played them all in an afternoon at the park.

Its all fun and good for our bodies too.

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