Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Family of 6, Please...

Oh yes we did! This summer we decided to add to the Weis clan with an addition. A four legged addition that is. Dave has been asking for years for a dog and soon the kids were on board. Everyone was ready for a pup except Mommy. Well, maybe deep down I was more ready then I thought. After all I had been driving them weekly to Furry Friends Animal Rescue League for 6 months to volunteer. They had been getting plenty of dog walking, kibble feeding & poop scooping practice and they were still on fire to get their very own.

On Father's Day (and Max's 4th birthday) we told the kids that we were just going to go look at a few puppies. Okay, I admit that "looking" also meant we stopped at Petco on the way and bought a kennel, collar, leash and food....just in case. Well...lesson learned. You don't go to an animal rescue place and leave empty handed. Meet "Norwood" a black lab/heeler mix 8 weeks old. He wiggled his way into our hearts within moments of meeting. Max immediately renamed him "Duke the Diggiest Dog" after a favorite Dr. Seuss book. The name stuck and so has he. :-)read more here

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